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ALPHA DIRECT COMPOUNDING is a highly specialized compounding pharmacy that directly serves the needs of physicians and their patients. Alpha Direct formulates customized medications based strictly on instructions from physicians, allowing patients to enjoy a new higher standard of tailored health care. Typically processed the same day, medications are formulated upon receipt of a valid order/prescription from a licensed medical practitioner and always SHIPPED FREE via FEDX.


ALPHA DIRECT COMPOUNDING is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and operates as one of the nation's few compounding-only pharmacies. Accepted by most insurance, Alpha Direct Compounding is now contracted with more than 150 pharmacy benefits plans and is always SHIPPED FREE via FEDX.


ALPHA DIRECT COMPOUNDING's professional staff has more than 20 years of combined pharmaceutical compounding experience and is continually expanding its healthcare and pharmacological knowledge through industry- and government-sponsored educational seminars.

  • Loren Howard

    President Co-Founder

    Loren originally pursued a career as a professional athlete, playing defense for Northwestern University's football team, but after an injury sidelined him, his search for another path began. Having grown up around entrepreneurs who made their own ways in the world Loren was inspired to launch his first venture, Alternative Web Media, an Internet design, development, and SEO company, in 2007. Today, the enterprise boasts associates across India and the US, who serve the global marketplace.

    With one success under his belt, Loren was challenged to expand. In 2013, he started Alpha Direct Compounding with a goal to change lives for the better. Loren is driven by his love, understanding, compassion, warmth, and kindness, and through Alpha Direct Compounding, he wants to make a lasting effect on the world, one person at a time.

    Loren takes his role as a leader to heart. He inspires and motivates his team to realize their full potential, continually serving them in the process. His vision is to lead people into the best positions for them and supply them with the best resources, training, and trust to maximize both their personal potential and overall efficiency.

    Typical of most entrepreneurs, Loren doesn't maintain a 9–5 schedule, but when he does find some down time, he enjoys exercise, community service, or a dip in the pool.

  • Chris Murray


    Ever the entrepreneur, Chris Murray has honed his eye for business opportunities over the years. Chris's strong interpersonal skills, serious work ethic and strategic business sense allowed him to open his first pharmacy specializing in HIV/disease state management. This experience facilitated the creation of a company designed to bring doctors, nurse practitioners and pharmacies together to provide reliable, low cost medical services and prescriptions to patients in need. The combination of his experience, networking abilities and strong sense of customer service culminated in Chris's current pharmaceutical compounding business. Chris is grateful for the opportunity to satisfy his passion for business, while at the same time helping provide low cost, high quality medicine to those in need nation wide.

  • Tom Bathune

    Pharmacist in charge

    Tom considers himself a near-native Arizonan, having moved to Arizona when he was eight years old. He graduated from the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy in 1977. Tom has practiced in many pharmacy settings, from apothecary shops to large chain pharmacies. Throughout his career the one constant has been his love of compounding. When discussing compounding, he Points out that "compounding is so old, that it is new". Compounding pharmacists still utilize traditional tools but the advent of new technologies, techniques and delivery systems has moved compounding into the twenty-first century. He has a meticulous, precise nature that nicely augments Alpha Direct Compounding's exacting quality control standards. He loves the many challenges that practitioners present and that compounding can provide answers for.

  • Christina Marquez

    Director of Operations

    Christina Marquez was born in Phoenix, AZ. She started her career in pharmacy in 1998 as a senior certified technician and worked for an independent pharmacy in Sun City, AZ that was later bought out by Walgreens and continued to work there until 2013. She has handled and managed every aspect of a pharmacy and is an expert at claims processing. She is a vital component of the Alpha Direct Team.

  • Ben Mezer

    Chief Compliance Officer, Director of Research and Development

    Ben Mezer was raised in Greensboro, North Carolina. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from Tufts University and graduated from Vanderbilt University School of Law. Mr. Mezer served as an Assistant General Counsel for the Tennessee Department of Health from 2009-2011. During his tenure, he advised numerous professional boards, including the Board of Pharmacy, on matters regarding licensure discipline and general governance of the profession. In addition to his advisory duties, Mr. Mezer also reviewed complaints and litigated cases before the Board of Medical Examiners, the Board of Pharmacy, the Board of Nursing, the Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, the Board of Dentistry, and the Board of Optometry. While serving as an attorney for the State, Mr. Mezer worked with the DEA, FDA, FBI, TBI, Tennessee Meth Task Force, and the Tennessee Drug Diversion Task Force. From 2011-2013, Mr. Mezer was in private practice representing professionals and corporations before various state and federal regulatory entities.