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Pharmacy Compounding Services Arizona


ALPHA DIRECT COMPOUNDING provides doctors the ability to create modality specific, highly specialized pharmaceutical formulations for their patients. Unique to the pharmacy compounding industry, ADC has secured insurance reimbursement for many popular and effective doctor-approved formulations, making it possible for patients to enjoy affordable and highly effective treatments. ADC is happy to share proven customized doctor formulations with the medical community, so please contact our compounding pharmacists to discuss the dosage form, strength, and medication or combination that is most appropriate for your patient.

Pain Management

Changing how pain is managed with customized topical cream formulations.

Topical and transdermal creams and gels can be formulated to provide highly local concentrations at the site of application (e.g., NSAIDs for joint pain), for trigger point application (e.g., combinations of medications for neuropathic pain), or in a base that will allow systemic absorption. Side effects associated with oral administration can often be avoided when medications are used topically. Additionally, studies indicate there are no great restrictions on the type of drug that can be properly compounded into a transdermal gel.More..

In fact, compounded treatments may routinely include use of medications that possess pain-relieving properties including NMDA-receptor antagonists, such as dextromethorphan and ketamine which can block pain transmission in dorsal horn spinal neurons, reduce nociception, and decrease tolerance to and the need for opioid analgesics.

Other Areas of Customized Compounds

  • Adrenal Support
  • Antioxidants
  • Cardiovascular support
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Immune support
  • Joint support
  • Liver protection
  • Men's / Women's health
  • Nutraceutical's
  • And more!